Do Not Fall For Advertising And Jargons While Selecting Your iPhone App Developer. Rather ANALYZE!

iPhone app development is one of the hottest trends in the tech market. What’s unique about I Phone app development is its nature of transaction between the iPhone app developer and the client or the recipient of the service. Unlike the typical offshore services for software development which are mostly b2b in nature, iPhone app development is mostly a b2c business deal. Thus, clients who mostly come with no technical knowhow do not possess the methodical checklist to hire the perfect iPhone developer and finally makes a decision based on his intuition.

However there are two factors which if analyzed properly can lead clients to hire the right iPhone developer.

Glimpse into the experience (but not from their website alone)

Now, every developer will boast of their experienced team of iPhone app developer with an overwhelming portfolio on their website. However, clients must always look for deployed iPhone applications or android applications developed by the app development company in the app store and find out their reviews and performance. If their apps have high download numbers then it is an indication of the competitiveness of the coders and the UI designers associated with a specific development company. Even the comments made over the application can suggest a lot about the team and its capability. And if you happen to land into an app that matches your app idea, then bingo! , you found your developer.

You must have a visual space to understand what’s going on and suggest at the same time-

The second factor is communication. But before you think that it’s the “high end and state of the art infrastructure” is all required to settle communication issues then reiterate your thoughts. This is not the purpose. In case of applications that are an amalgamation of technical and creative skills, robust communication is a must. Imagine a group of college students sitting together and making a collage. All of them are interacting, understanding, suggesting, rectifying the overall collage to win the competition. What is meant here is that; a brainstorming space is necessary and the iPhone app developer/android app developer must provide that space. There are developers who provide a common project management platform in which clients along with every developer and artist involved in the app development process can interact, report and suggest at the same time. Such an interface (with even rich media sharing capability) would not only make it a lot easier to communicate but refine your ideas and lead to a better application in the end. Clients would actually be able to understand as to how their app is coming out unlike waiting for it to finish and then pull their hairs out if it is not upto the mark in the end. So if a developer is only boasting of skype video calling and daily reporting, analyze and understand that one time reporting that’s lasts for few minutes might not give the clear picture of the development progress.

In the end, its recommended to avoid falling for advertising and mystifying jargons presented by an app development company alone. Rather, be clear with your app idea and analyze your iPhone app developer thoroughly to get your desired output.

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