Four Efficient iPhone Apps for The Employer

It is truly a golden era for employers who have made use of business apps on the mobile to increase work efficiency, enhance productivity and useful time management tools. Whether the office is based locally or outsourced, business apps have contributed to improving communication between the employer and employee mainly because they clearly spell out expectations without the need for direct and often awkward confrontations. To prove the point, four examples that are beneficial for the employer are:

1. To control employees’ time

TimeClock ST by ScavaTec LLC is certainly not thrilling news for the employees who have a tendency to arrive late to work. The app records an employee’s arrival and exit time at work, and also allots time for specific assignments in the ‘job category’ feature. There is an option for employees to leave a ‘note’ as well. The app also records and calculates the amount of work time through its ‘daily totals’ record feature. Its USD 8.99 cost is considered inexpensive compared to other costly time keeping devices.

The app can function alongside the desktop platform as well.

2. To control employer’s time

The Harvest Time & Expense Tracker app by Harvest is a perfect combination for employees, especially entrepreneurs and those working on a project basis and most of all, for outsourced offices. The app not only maintains record of work time, but also calculates its cost. The record can be accessed, started and stopped by the user at any time. A significant feature of this app is its ability to maintain a record of expenses incurred during the work period, and receipts can be photographed and maintained automatically within the app.

3. For Human Resource efficiency

The Proactive Employer App by Qbiki Networks performs the role of a consultant in the matters of ‘EEO compliance, HR and employment best practices, self-auditing and employment litigation risk management.’ The app is an instant solution provider and time saver for employees. It does not replace legal counseling, but certainly assists employers gain knowledge in order to deal with a pressing issue via social networking and blogging.

4. To recruit quality employees

Unlike outsourced offices, Work Around Me by five81 pvt. Ltd is designed for employers who wish to hire local employees located within the office vicinity. The free and real time mobile app functions as an employee search and filters by location. It is recommended for the smaller businesses that can choose to place their advertisement for the ‘casual’ worker looking for work nearby. The employer and employee can communicate via the app. The reviews have been highly favorable toward this app which has a ‘clean interface’ and ease of navigation.

This post originally appeared on Socialjitney.


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