Google Play—is it the ‘Everything Everywhere’ Software?

The concerns follow the recent announcement of renaming Android Market as Google Play.

Google play logo

Google should also be working on enhancing their overall software capabilities. While the Android Apps have managed to succeed in popularity ratings, to get ahead, Google has to provide beyond its present state of services. Time is crucial and they should now double their efforts on improving their current services.

While Google is proudly marketing the platform for their web-based syncing and large storage capacity, the availability of all its services is limited to only few countries besides the US. Google is working on resolving this with regard to licensing agreements with different countries. That is not a problem for the applications. Although Android apps should work in exactly the same way as before, should there be compatibility issues, the solution suggested by the Android community (android is for users to get in touch with developers directly within the region.

Features, Apps and Games

The service range is wide, with quick and easy access of the platform services. It includes books, movies, music, games and over 45,000 apps that were previously available in the Android Market. The services can be exchanged from the Web to the mobile device.

Files can be accessed from and transferred to any device that allows Google sign in. ‘My Apps’ is a new feature that displays on the UI, which enhances user experience. Swiping on the handset will reveal ‘all’ and ‘up to date’ tabs that are far more convenient than scrolling down.

A combination of free apps combined with purchasing the premium version seems to have worked for competing platforms, referred to as Freemium, and Android is using a similar strategy to promote Google Play.

For the user as well as App Developers, there has been no significant change in way apps are created. It just means improving on present versions. There’s a lot to look forward to as well, such as Zynga’s ‘Scramble with Friends’ that has just been introduced free to use on Google Play.  The long awaited and much delayed popular game, ‘Temple Run’ is expected to be released by this month’s end. The timing for this free launch seems incidental, as users will get a chance to experience access through Google Play. Users are probably hoping at this point that ‘Mass Effect 3’ will also convert from live wallpaper to the real thing.

As if all this is not enough, reviews have criticized the software capabilities and one has expressed a need for a ‘Google TV. ’ Looking at how technological development is progressing, one just needs to spell it out and the next thing you know, it’s quickly made available!

This post originally appeared on Socialjitney.


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